Creating focus and clarity in your life can oftentimes be a difficult task. Remaining focused is even harder. There are so many options, possibilities, distractions, diversions, and so forth, to persuade us away from core initiatives.

In our lives, we embark on many varying ‘micro-adventures’ that ultimately, with their ups and downs, create the fabric of the quilt of life. The diversity of these adventures is what gives the quilt its beautiful color. Its design becomes a random pattern of patches and embellishments.

Though I deeply believe in each of us creating that very beautiful cloth to eventually wrap our frail aged bodies in its warmth, I too find that above that ‘life’s work’ of sewing the pattern, there can be clarity and focus. A ‘self-guidance’ of sorts, that allows us to stay balanced at a level that is outside of the day-to-day experience.

What are the fundamental components of this existence that allow you to visualize clearly, thus keeping you consistently at peace? Fortunately, and unfortunately, this is different for each of us. Fortunately, because it creates diversity that makes this world so interesting day-by-day. Unfortunately, because it isn’t one answer that I can put my finger on and share with the world, and with the unique diversity of each of us, it can create conflict and strife.


I have found those whom I wish to walk this path with and continue to join together with others in that common goal. For this, I am deeply grateful.

Above and beyond any day-to-day project we each invest our lives in there is, for each of us, a deep focus. What is it?

For me, I ponder this often. I’ve been consumed with building this website, for instance, for the past 8 to 10 months. Recently, I was asked what my focus has become in relation to this project. Though there are a variety of avenues we could venture down along our most colorful path we have walked to get to where we are, for me, my focus for the future remains clear. Yes, there are the often diversions of generating revenue, pleasing everyone, chasing dreams, and embarking on fascinating joint ventures. My focus is clear. Though on the surface it may appear that we have many different ventures to focus our attention, for me 4XPEDITION comes down to one important factor.

It is, and it always has been: to create a trusted resource for information and inspiration along each individual path of life. Through that vision, my goal is to help those who choose to be a conscious creator to find balance, clarity, and peace in their lives–ultimately giving the world as a whole the balance that is so desperately needed. Seeing others inspired inspires me. Me being inspired, in turn, inspires others. That is it.  To live life in balance. To be love. To share love. To respect myself and others and, for me, to use my creativity to express that sentiment to the world.

Yes, there are the initiatives of generating long-term sustainability for myself and others who I work with. That is the nature of living in society. But what we are creating… what I have invested my heart and soul into for so long and intend to invest the same heart and soul into for the foreseeable future, is something of value to the world beyond the financial gain, beyond the day-to-day practices of business, and beyond personal societal obligations.

I have found those whom I wish to walk this path with and continue to join together with others in that common goal. For this, I am deeply grateful. 4XPEDITION can be looked at as a business, but beyond that, there is much, much more. It is a deep sense of knowing, peace, and love that we each can achieve in our own lives at a level above and beyond the fabric of day-to-day experience. That is what I feel, and that is where I find my motivation when working on the project.


This is my clarity. What is yours? Above and beyond your daily tasks of raising your family, pleasing your superiors at work, saving for retirement, meeting your financial obligations, painting or composing a masterwork, building the next great skyscraper, what is your focus? Focus on your work is all good and important, but what is the cream that rises to the top? What moves you when you remove all of these obligations, societal wants and needs, and ego control? This clarity and focus is what moves us along our path with the fluidity we seek.

Sew that beautiful cloth and by all means, sew with as many varying patches of color available to you. But, always give yourself the ability to rise above it and rediscover your true clarity and focus. Here is where each of us will truly find our ‘Self’ with love, peace, and balance.