Introducing the 4XPEDITION KTM 390 Adventure. An agile dual-sport motorcycle for highway speed and technical trail riding.

The 4XPEDITION KTM 390 Adventure is a compact single-cylinder travel-enduro moto with the proven performance credentials of the KTM ADVENTURE range. “Its versatile ergonomics, smooth power delivery, and innovative technology all come together in a comfortable, lightweight package built for those wanting to fit more adventure into their daily lives.” – KTM

This new adventure mode will be incorporated into the 4XPEDITION Adventurer play list with long-range adventure rides to distant lands. Follow along as we outfit this surprisingly capable motorcycle for overland adventure.

Watch videos of our off-road vehicles in action on 4XPEDITION Adventurer. >

Vehicle Brief

2020 KTM 390 Adventure
Engine 373.2cc single cylinder 4 stroke
Frame: Light-weight steel trellis
Transmission: 6-sped
ABS: Bosch 9.1MP w/offroad mode
Wheel Base: 1,430 +/- 15.5mm
Suspension: WP APEX 43

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The KTM 390 ADVENTURE features an ultra-lightweight, yet very stable trellis frame very similar to the race-proven 450 RALLY. Combined with a 1430 +/- 15.5mm wheelbase and 26.5-degree steering head angle, this bike works well as an offroad trail bike.

The KTM 390 Adventure shown (above) beside the KTM 790 Adventure. Though the 390 is clearly smaller and boasts less overall power than the larger sibling, the 390, peaking out at about 90 miles per hour (in our tests), has proven to have little trouble keeping up both off-road and on the highway. In fact, in some situations, the 390 performs better than the larger models–particularly, in technical offroad muddy trail situations where the 390 is easier to maneuver and keep in balance.

Outfitted Equipment

The 4XPEDITION KTM 390 Adventure motorcycle is ever-evolving with new parts and accessories. Below is the latest equipment we’ve outfitted on the vehicle.



Gear Storage

Additional baggage coming soon.

Outer Wear

Details coming soon.

Styling and Design

The KTM 390 ADVENTURE is available in two color schemes: orange on black and orange on white. Take your pick.




One of the only features about the 390 from the factory I would consider a flaw is the factory mirrors. Despite all efforts to tighten them before every trip, the mirrors came loose at the base every time I rode on rough surfaces. I was fortunate that a friend swapped his factory KTM 790 mirrors for new RAM mount mirrors and offered me the mirrors he removed. So, I decided to take him up on his offer to use his factory round mirrors shown above and have had no issues with them coming loose since.

The factory wind screen is just fine. But, I prefer to be sheltered from the wind on long trips, so I swapped the factory visor out with a Puig Touring Screen. At the time, Puig didn’t offer a 390 screen so I purchased the 790 screen they had in stock. I had to make a few adjustments to get it to fit. In particular, I had to grind down the clear screen extention inserts that insert into the 390 screen frame in order to fit the same width of the slots. Puig offers the screen in clear or tinted options. I chose clear.

The 390 footpegs come from the factory with rubber pads. From my perspective, there are two issues with this. First, the added padding reduces the clearance between the peg and the shifter on the left side. This can be a problem depending on the riding boots you wear. Second, the rubber pads make it less stable when standing on the bike through rough or muddy terrain. Removing the rubber pads exposes the metal teeth on the peg making it much more stable and secure.

If you plan to do your own maintenance work or upgrades on your 390 Adventure, it is a great idea to get yourself a rear swingarm spool lift stand and a set of spools. Adding spools to the rear wheels makes it easy to lift the rear of the bike onto the stand to stabilize the bike and lift the rear wheel off the ground. Note also that mounting the bike on the swingarm stand makes it very easy to maneuver the bike around your garage or out the door where you plan to do maintenance.

In order to transform this adventure bike into a distance overland motorcycle, I will be adding gear storage bags. The first accessory I have added is an ADV Tribe Tail Rack Base with Top Plate. The base is made from 4mm 304 stainless steel and the top rack is made from T6 Aluminum alloy. Installation requires removing the rear seat and handle grips. Once these parts are removed, I recommend accessing the spare wiring under the seat near the tail light. These spare wires can be used for connecting accessories such as a heated vest or charger for your electronics from the battery.

With the ADV Tribe rack-mounted, I can now add saddle bag mounts and bags as well as a top-mounted bag. Before I do that, though, I will add a RotoPax gas canister to extend the distance I can travel with a full tank of gas. The 390 has been averaging about 180 miles on a 3.8-gallon tank. Adding a RotoPax should extend my distance by 50-100 miles depending on the size canister I mount to the rack. ADV Tribe offers other very useful and stylish accessories for the 390 that I may opt to add such as radiator guard, engine bash plate fog lamp mounts and more.

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories that are available by ADV Tribe to consider for your 390 Adventure include a robust saddle stay, fog lamp mount, mobile phone mount, engine bash plate, headlight guard, and radiator cover. ADV offers additional add-ons not listed here for further customization.

ADV Tribe Saddle Stay

ADV Tribe Fog Lamp Mount Bar

ADV Tribe Phone Handlebar Mount

ADV Tribe Engine Bash Plate

ADV Tribe Headlamp Guard

ADV Tribe Radiator Guard

My favorite addition to the bike so far is the Giant Loop removable gas tank bag. Quickly access your stowed gear, protect your maps and phone in the clear face cover, protect your gear with the included waterproof sack, and quickly access your gas tank fill cap by unzipping the bag from the mounting harness. I also like the fact that I can remove the bag easily if I leave my bike for any reason. This bag was a game-changer for me. I can stow a bottle of water, a second pair of gloves for colder weather, snacks, my phone, and other items as needed.