4XPEDITION Wildernext Services

There is really no better way to ensure a successful product launch than rigorous, honest, and thorough field testing.

You’ve invested a great deal in the development of your new product. Likely, the inception of the initial idea came from a need that you discovered while spending time outdoors. Now you have your prototype and it needs proper testing, review, and reporting. This is where 4XPEDITION can deliver the data you need to refine the final version.

With more than 30 years experience in award-winning product design (primarily in the mass-market electronic toy industry), and extensive experience adventuring outdoors with time-tested gear, we believe we have what it takes to ensure your product can stand up to tough, outdoor abuse.

We put your prototype to work, test it in a variety of conditions while in the field, repeat functions that likely contribute to wear and tear, and provide detailed reporting with field data, video, phototgraphs, and recommendations.

Depending on your preferred path, we can provide public exposure review or remain completely confidential.

Products We’ve Field Tested

  • Prototype Rooftop Tent
  • Prototype Travel Backpack
  • Prototype Camp Mat
  • Prototype Camp Pillow
  • Prototype Vanity
  • Prototype Fidget Toy
  • Production Car Charger
  • Production Bottle Jack System
  • Production Solar and Powerbank
  • Production Dash Camera
  • Production Auto LED Light Bar
  • Production Vehicle Roof Rack
  • Production Vehicle Sleep System
4XPEDITION Field Testing Services iKamper Skycamp Mini
4XPEDITION Field Testing Services iKamper Skycamp Mini
4XPEDITION Field Testing Services iKamper Skycamp Mini
4XPEDITION Field Testing Services iKamper Skycamp Mini

Once tested, we can make recommendations on refinements. We can offer guidance on packaging design efficiency and best practices, “try me” features at point of purchase, POP displays, end caps and planograms, spin-off products and product sets, and complete market position analysis. This is what makes 4XPEDITION your ideal partner. We can advise you from inception of your ideal all the way through to the point of purchase.

If your product is already produced, packaged and deployed, we can provide honest feedback through our product review service to give you feedback on brand positioning, trouble-shooting version refinements, and target audience discovery.

Look to 4XPEDITION and our suite of Wildernext Services for your next successful product launch.

Would you like your product field tested?

We’re honored to partner with amazing brands that share our mission to inspire more people to Venture Out. We are currently seeking partners who value integrity, honor, and authenticity. We are experts and reaching audiences, engaging with them and inspiring them to take action. We are happy to consider your product or service in partnership to promote across our network.

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