Over the last several months of 2022, I published a series of videos on my YouTube channel illustrating a process for which I establish and then execute on the goals I set for myself. I often receive comments from those around me–and those who watch the channel–how I’ve inspired them by observing how I actually do what I say I am going to do. I set out to experience life in a way that fulfills my desires and I generally realize my vision.

Recently, I received a voice memo from a long-time online friend of mine, Natashia, who lives in South Africa. She shared with me that something I posted on Facebook in December of 2021–over a year ago from the writing of this article (January of 2023) and well before 2022 had even started–had inspired her. At the time, I wrote a post that expressed deep gratitude for all that had transpired in 2022 (again, before 2022 had even started). I outlined all of my accomplishments, the good will that I had received, the experiences I was granted and the gifts I had received…before it happened.


Interestingly, some of the people in my friend list that saw the post tried correcting me by saying, “Hey, Scott! You messed up. I think you meant to say how grateful you were for all you accomplished in 2021!” They had thought I meant all I had experienced in 2021 since it had already transpired. But, I actually did mean 2022. My writing–and the energy I was putting forth–was a projection into the future.

Natashia found my post to be insightful and therefore decided to do the same for herself. She took action which is the first step in realizing goals. My friend projected her own desires out before her thus laying out how she desired her life to unfold in the coming year.

With 2022 now behind us, Natashia felt compelled to reach out to me and share how my post had inspired her to follow suit. She expressed to me how pivotal the experience had been at the time. Then she shared with me the astounding results of her own actions. Natashia’s life unfolded as she had envisioned and, surprising to her, even more so than she had hoped.

This article is about taking action. Manifestation is the process of focusing our energy to realize the things we want and need. It is about projecting our thoughts and feelings in a particular way to realize our vision. Manifestation requires our attention and intention wholly, completely and consistently to achieve our goals. We must be realistic to realize the reality we desire. In other words, we have to get real with a concept that is particularly hard to grasp.

After the message I received from Natashia, I found myself discussing this subject with my friend Eric. In the conversation, Eric shared an analogy that I believe illustrates quite well how action by each of us in partnership with the universe is required to manifest what we desire.

It’s quite simple. He shared:

The fish are swimming at the end of the dock at 7:00 each morning. If you would like to catch them, you must be at the end of the dock at 7:00 in the morning to drop your hook in the water. Only then can you set yourself up to catch them.

And, I might add that having a bit of knowledge and honed skills in fishing can most certainly help. Manifestation requires our participation. In the analogy, if you’d like to catch fish you must take action to help the process along. The universe will do her part without question which is really to say that a greater projection of yourself is on your team.


We are each a catalyst. We exist and therefore we create. We each have the ability to project whatever energy we wish onto the plane of our collective existence.

I believe everything in our reality is energy, vibration, frequency–resonance. We vibrate into–and out of–form. We are each a catalyst. We exist and therefore we create. We each have the ability to project whatever energy we wish onto the plane of our collective existence. That energy radiates outward and blends with all the vibrations that surround us and flow through us.

The question is:
Are you a team player with all that is truly “you” in this seeming reality?

For example: If you are hoping to find a new job in a career that you might find fulfilling, you can most certainly realize your vision by not only taking action to connect with the right people, reformatting your resume, honing your communication skills, conducting a personal make-over, putting your best foot forward, making calls, and so on. But you also must radiate positivity, send your thoughts and wishes out across the plane of your existence speaking out loud your intentions for your future. You have to be present and available for the powers that be to embrace you.

You must completely believe you deserve what you envision. You must completely believe in yourself and your abilities. You can have no doubt. You must charge forward like a freight train toward the goal line believing the path will reveal itself with each leap forward. You must “know” that what you are pursuing already transpired. You must embody the results. You must take action constantly.

When I am passionate about something, I am unstoppable. If what you think you want isn’t truly what you want, you will fail at taking the necessary action and thus you will fail at realizing your vision. Many people think they know what they want or they think they know what it will take to realize what they want. Yet, most people don’t set reasonable expectations for themselves and because so, they never reach the goal. Someone might say: “I want to meet the love of my life.” They make a wish for the universe to deliver results. Then, they sit back and wait rather than participate in the process. If you would like a partner that reflects back to you the kind of love and kindness you give, well, share those same gifts with the universe. She will reflect what you project right back at you.

Every vision I pursue starts with creating realistic steps from the outcome back to the present moment. In other words, I establish realistic action steps I can take to get to my goal by starting from the moment of achievement back to where I currently stand. Thus, I know what actions I must take to help in the process. I create opportunities for myself to open doors that open other doors. I create a chain reaction and like dominos they fall into each other until a path is cleared. With realistic goals laid out before me, I can believe what I envision is achievable. Knowing I can achieve the outcome keeps me not only projecting positive energy, but generates magnetic energy. My positivity inspires others to participate in achieving the goals I’ve set. People help and the energy passes from one to the next until what I asked the universe to help me achieve comes to fruition. Energy radiates from one human to the next. The things we desire often come from the actions of those who we attract. What we give to the world is generally what we receive.

If I say “I want a million dollars.” I know that it can happen if I set realistic and achievable goals. I also acknowledge that in order to realize my vision I have to take action. I realize that the magnitude of the ‘ask’ will most certainly influence the length of time, the number of steps, and the vastness and consistency of the energy I must radiate. I must embody patience. I must persevere. I must honor my path by remaining true. I must hold integrity for my commitment and take responsibility if I fall off course.

As I embark on an entirely new year, 2023, you can expect that I have projected all that I will receive in the coming year. I understand what it will take on my part to realize the vision because I have laid out the necessary, achievable steps. The energy I radiate outward from the powerhouse that is my human existence bursts with positivity, powerful influence, inspiration, good will, intelligence, and thoughtfulness. And then, it just “is”.

This year, I wish for you everything you hope to realize. By utilizing the tools you’ve been given and taking true, deliberate action, you will be the catalyst–a conscious creator of your experience that you were born to be. With action it will be.