It’s been some time since I have felt the desire to sit down and write. Life moves us along moment by moment with often countless tasks to fill the time yet in each of those precious moments while some aspect of humanity sees gain; advancements of technology to make life easier, the exodus of people from urban centers back to their roots of the rural life they once knew, or the coming together of people with like minds to bring loving energy where it is needed; we also experience loss. That’s just how it is in this realm of dualism where we have been given the seemingly arduous task of creating a collective balance and harmony between our individual desires and the environment we are submersed in.

Often our society turns a blind eye to just how monumental the loss can be. A species goes extinct here, a tract of ancient trees falls to the forest floor there. But make no mistake the losses are tallied no less than the gains. Some of the more consciously aware organizations do make their attempts to mitigate the loss for the prize of the gain and such motivation is definitely gaining popularity. Nonetheless much more needs to be done.

The reality is, the destruction of our forests, the decimation of our seas and the quality of our air are simply a component of an overall (collective) consciousness of the mass organism that is the human race.


You see, the human race has the potential to emit the purest of harmonic chords. Yet, the desires we have tend to weigh often in the favor ‘taking possession of’ rather than ‘protecting the freedom of’ and taking possession of, though initially satisfying, eventually fades and the realization of what was lost leaves us unhappy, even if we don’t know precisely what it was we sacrificed.

Sadness is a plague. It is the symptom of an imbalance and, frankly speaking, there is no global cure other than the entire race coming to the realization that the actions we each take must have little consequence to each other, our environment, and other species we share this existence with.


I never understood the phrase ‘dirt poor’. From where I stand, we need only embrace the richness of the soil from where we came and we will all realize the wealth that we have been given.

Even if I didn’t down that tract of trees, they have been cut nonetheless and have sacrificed for the seeming advancement of our kind. Somehow and in some way, that absolutely radiates into my experience. Every action, every word, every thought emits some kind of frequency and each one spreads around (and through) the globe and onward to oblivion like thousands upon thousands of raindrop ripples on the water. Each wave overlaps and intersects into a cacophony of energetic vibration.

Until we come to the realization that we are wandering about among a spaghetti of vibrations that pass through our human vessels at every moment, and we have the ability to influence what wave patterns are being emitted from us, around us, and through us, we will continue to wage plague upon our Mother Earth and in turn our own species.

The most powerful moments of my life were felt when I was acting out of and emitting pure love. When I was sharing myself and blessing all the beauty that this experience has allowed me, or when I felt love or was acting out of love, I was always doing so with the greatest intent. The moments where I touched others with inspiration or consideration, the experiences traversing the land, and the nature that opened itself up to me when I was in such a state of mind, they were just brighter, sharper, warmer, and more peaceful… they brought me happiness. I look back and I can feel no sense of sadness during those times. Not that collectively sadness didn’t exist. It did and does. But I just know deep down that all of humanity expressing honorably and with the greatest intent out of pure love shall blanket our entire world with peace and bring a sense of happiness. As a species, we will move forward in tune with the harmonics of our surroundings.

When will we learn? With modern tools of social interaction, a new movement has taken shape. More people are working toward creating projects that inspire and open eyes to the devastation and sadness that plagues our world. As more and more of us make the choice to spend our time inspiring in a harmonious way, even at the cost of financial wealth or the need for possession, the better off we will collectively be.

Protecting yourself, your family, and your friends doesn’t stop at the edge of humanity. It continues on to all that exists in this place we seemingly reside in. Share your warmth not only with those around you but with your planet and beyond. It isn’t just the right thing to do, it is an inherently human thing to do.

Wealth does not come from the money we collect on our own, it comes from the quality of life we as a race create together. I never understood the phrase ‘dirt poor’. From where I stand, we need only embrace the richness of the soil from where we came and we will all realize the wealth that we have been given.