Would you like to become an influencer to a particular niche audience? This course will surely get you started.

Having successfully established a solid presence in the outdoor adventure space on YouTube, we’ve got a lot of insight as to what worked and what didn’t. Let us help you get going as a YouTube content creator. We will help you select the right video equipment for capturing content both in-the-field and in the studio. We will offer feedback about available editing tools, discuss how to create an intro and outro, share insights about capturing b-roll footage, creating overlay support images, and how to select music and sound effects. Creating and uploading content can be as quick and easy as you desire. The more particular you are the longer creating content gets.

Though quality footage and content lead to positive and supportive viewers as well as quality partnerships, it isn’t necessarily the quality that leads to monetization. We will discuss the different pathways to success and determine what is best for you.

Areas of focus:

  • Filming Equipment
  • Editing tools
  • Stock video, audio, and image resources
  • Brand look and feel guidance
  • How to establish a brand
  • How to gain exposure
  • How to build an audience
  • How to optimize videos
  • How to monetize videos
  • Creating channel playlists
  • Creating a compelling welcome video
  • Video release intervels
  • Live broadcasting
  • Premiers
    and much more…

Note: This course is not yet available. Get notified when courses become available here.

Course Details:

Class Type:
Online Guided with Self-guided video series and kit

One course kit per person.

Estimated 2 weeks to complete.

Per Person:

Difficulty Rating: D1

Self-guided video tutorial series completed on your own timeline +
1-hour telephone consult +
30-minute online Q&A chat session

Not Included:
Supplies necessary to complete course.
Equipment and Software

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